Customer Interviews & Building Your Product


Good Morning everyone!  Have you figured out what your company is doing yet?  When you’ve done that, get crackin on finding and talking to your customers.  Remember, you can do that in many ways- polling, talking on the phone, Facebook/Twitter, but there is literally no substitute for getting out of the building and TALKING to people.


Conducting Customer Interviews
If you’re nervous about doing that or if you need some help doing that, we have a few videos that can help you learn about conducting customer interviews:


If you are unable to follow along with a video, check out this slide presentation from Zac Cohn:


Building Your Product

Don’t have a developer but want to build a mobile app? Use PopApp to make an App from paper drawings!


Don’t like that one? Try


Both are SUPER EASY to use and learn even if you have no experience programming!


Good luck and be sure to ask for help if you need it!