It Came From the Snow


In my initial blog on diversity I called on our community to take two actions. 1 — Expand the discussion around diversity to include the disabled and 2 — Work to make our city a boon for inclusive design starting with Startup Weekend Access.

Four months ago the Startup Weekend Access team had to come to grips with some harsh weather and some harsh realities and had to make the hard decision to postpone. We recovered, we learned some things, and here we are. Honestly I can’t help but feel like I’m writing this post-apocalypticly, or rather post “snow-pocalypticly.” The city was a mess. From my downtown apartment I saw multiple slippery collisions Friday afternoon of that weekend. But like any good Rocky movie while the team was knocked down, we were not down for the count. Cue “Gonna Fly Now.”

If you haven’t already figured it out by the e-mails and the social media updates we’re on like Donkey Kong.

We’re happy to say we are still at the Portland Development Commission (Map). We believe this venue is best given its central location to many Tri-Met transit lines.

Registration is open. You can stop reading this and go get your tickets right now.