Startup Weekend Access – to be rescheduled


Startup Weekend: Access was founded on the premise that the entrepreneurial experience should be available to everyone. The volunteer organizers, all veterans of Portland Startup Weekend, scrutinized every aspect of the experiences- tools, processes, even food- and questioned how accessible they really were. The result is an event that is carefully planned, but responsive to the needs of any participant of any ability.

Unfortunately, there are factors out of our control and the weather is one of them. We’re sad to report that we are postponing Startup Weekend: Access due to the “Snowpocalypse” happening in the Portland area. We want you to know that we used the same planning criteria to make this decision. Ultimately, we didn’t have alternatives for safe accessibility transportation in these conditions. Rest assured that Startup Weekend: Access will happen sometime soon!

If you purchased a ticket, we have three options for you:

1. Request a refund – If you want your money back in full, we understand. Simply email us at before February 20, 2014. Please include “SW:Access Refund” in the subject and include your ticket number if you have it. We will process refunds on February 21, 2014 and it may take 7-10 days to process your refund, but will work to expedite that.

2. Transfer your ticket to Portland Startup Weekend, April 25-27, 2014. If you select this option, please include “SW:Access Transfer” in the subject and include your ticket number. You’ll receive a new ticket notice at the same email address you registered with. NOTE: This is only for paying tickets. If you received the ticket as a gift or were sponsored, please contact us.

3. Do nothing- you’ll be registed for the next SW:Access. We’ll update you when it is scheduled. We are currently working hard with our speakers, mentors, and venue on a date.

Thank you so much for your interest in Startup Weekend: Access and for your support.