The Startup Weekend of weekend entrepreneurship can help you launch assistive products anywhere in the world


This post comes from Mount Lebanon Startup Weekend November 2013 attendee Mohammed Touban. He and others formed Morshid during the weekend. Morshid is a wearable system for the unassisted mobility of the visually impaired. They won the weekend in Lebanon and also took 3rd Place in the Startup Weekend Global Startup Battle. Mohammed and his team members plan to release an IndieGoGo campaign soon to help further launch their product.

On November 15, Beirut Arab University held Mount Lebanon Startup Weekend. The competition was inaugurated with 100+ pitches by High school and University students. There were great ideas in which some of them focused on finding solutions for people with special needs.  At the end of the first day, audience voted for the best 20 ideas to pursue in a 54 hours of non-stop work. I had the opportunity to work with a great teammates where each one of them excel in his/her domain of expertise and he/she was cultivated in a mixed cultures with diversity of religions in a small country Lebanon. Despite that we came from different communities, we all shared the same goal and mission to create and sustain social values. Startup Weekend helped us to elaborate our project by providing all the needed resources from coaches to seminars before and during the competition. The journey wasn’t easy at all as we faced ups and downs, but the motivational spirit that surrounded us prompted us to continue in our mission. Now, after winning the first prize in SWBAU and being 2nd runner up in GSB, we are planning to launch our indiegogo campaign to raise money from the crowd. Wait for us, we are coming :)